Work with me

What brings you to modern + spiritual life coaching?

Would you like to manage stressers more effectively?

Are you unclear about what's next for you?

Could you use support to a present or future life transition?

Would you like to improve your relationship with your Self? 

Would you like to improve your relationship with Others?

Do you want to achieve more of the goals you set?

Are you ready to take by the reigns of your life?

Benefits to working with me!

I provide modern spiritual life coaching to motivated individuals who are ready to take back the reigns and live a more vibrant life. 

I bring a breadth of experience as a retired psychotherapist, certified life coach + spiritual life coach. 

I also use intuitive guidance + awareness of energy to support each client.

Take control and plan for the future

I help you clarify, align with and manifest your goals. 

Through coaching, I provide you with a road-map to not only reach your goals but accomplish much more, if you desire.

Tools you need for vibrant living

I want to empower you to be your best self in all aspects of life.  I provide a sounding board, supportive reflection, and friendly, constructive advice to help you reach 

YOUR full potential.

Prioritize your time + relationships

Improving your relationship with your Self + Others can help shift your life dramatically. 

I want to give you the support, advice and tools you need to live your MOST VIBRANT LIFE! 

Free Introductory Consultation

I am happy to provide a free + confidential clarity consultation to answer any further questions you may have about me, my services and how I may be of help to you.  

If your concerns would be better addressed by another qualified professional, I will do my best to provide you with an appropriate referral. 

After our phone conversation, if we both agree that my program is what you need, we will discuss what steps we will be taking together over the next 3 or more months, to support you on your journey towards vibrant living. 

Let's chat and see if coaching is a great fit for you!