My Story

I am a retired Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Personal Life Coach, and Licensed Vibrational Sound Therapist.

Modern life coaching

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Vibrational Sound Therapy

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What are you working on?

Are you stressed?

Are you experiencing a life transition?

Are you unclear about what's next?

Are you looking for greater inspiration?

Are you ready to level up in your life?

My Approach

I work collaboratively with clients, empowering you with the resources and tools you need to engage with life more fully.


modern life coaching

"Working with Stephanie has been so helpful in gaining clarity and trust in myself and my goals. I was going through numerous challenging transitions, in the areas of work and a significant relationship, and her presence was a wonderful balance of compassion and gently challenging me to consider other perspectives. I always left our sessions feeling grounded, inspired, and reconnected to my authentic self. I am so grateful to her!" ~S

Vibrational Sound Therapy

"I have to say I was more than skeptical at first. I've had sciatica pain for nearly a year.  I've done lots of work with my chiropractors and have done a lot of Physical Therapy exercise along with stretching targeted at helping me get over this pain.  However, I was only able to get temporary relief from those methods and I'd be in pain once again in a short period.  I'm extremely active, working out, training clients and walking my dog 3-5 miles daily, so you can imagine how excruciating having this nerve issue was for me.  After a single treatment, not only was my pain nearly gone I was able to start jogging again. Immediately after the treatment I was very relaxed and had one of my best nights sleep in a long  time. My second treatment has not only helped with the existing pain that I still had but helped me increase my jogging and flexibility. I strongly recommend Vibrational Sound Therapy for both pain relief and relaxation." ~D

Coaching & Therapy

"I swear Stephanie just came to earth an hour every other week for me from Heaven. Working with her over the course of 4 years was probably the most transformative experience for my personal growth in my life. Her unconditional positive regard for me helped me overcome blind spots in my development that led to a life that was fulfilling and whole without the need for external validation. I’m stronger forever, mentally, emotionally, spiritually because of her guidance. Our time together ended with me basically telling her how amazing my life had become on all levels and how thankful I was for our time together. There is no way I would be where I am in life, not even close, without her. I couldn’t give a stronger recommendation."  ~N

Vibrational Sound Therapy

"Stephanie is an amazing healer. Not only was the vibrational sound therapy very relaxing, it felt as though my soul got a massage. She is a true gift!" ~N

Modern Life Coaching

Stephanie's approach to coaching blends lighthearted humor with opportunities for deep reflection. Where I was stuck, she witnessed me finding my own key of understanding as we dialogued back and forth. Where I was hesitant, she coaxed me through with gentle reflection. ~J

vibrational sound therapy

"Stephanie's skills and confidence put me right at ease. Because of that, I could relax fully into the Vibrational Sound Therapy experience. She makes healing and health enjoyable with her kind energy and engaged spirit. I would gladly refer friends and family to see her for their health and wellbeing." ~J